Dec 3 2013

Claymore Elite joins GEG


The World Elite Group and title="nutritional products" href="" target="_blank">nutritional products from is proud to announce the inclusion of Claymore Elite Combat towards the (GEG) family.

The Claymore Elite Combat could be the longest running fight organization in Helsinki. CEC 1 occurred on November 28th 2009 and contains been going strong ever since. Recently Claymore booked their 300th event putting them in a top-notch number of organizations to achieve this goal.

This expands the GEG bloc of organizations to when using 7 of the top 15 organizations and that group includes GAMMA, TTFC, Versus, Aggressive Damage, Cage Wars, Steel Penn Hilo and also the newest addition of CEC. All out of all block has almost 200 fighters ranked top 1000 p4p, giving our fighters more options than any single organization in existence.

The founding part of GEG is GAMMA. GAMMA began on the 29th of May 2009, rendering it among the oldest organizations within the game. Over its glorious history they have held multiple records including holding 3rd spot for total events held, total fights offers as well as held the 1st position to the largest organization as a whole fighters signed. GAMMA is situated in Nevada, Nevada the actual capital of MMA Tycoon. Vegas has the biggest accumulation of fighters, managers, organizations and gyms, so getting reasonable salaries, a good amount of fight options and good training is very little problem. Besides the main roster, we also run GAMMA: Contenders, a small feeder organization resides in Vegas, which can be engineered to help up and coming fighters or struggling ones the opportunity to prove themselves. We pride our-self as being the most active, organized and democratic organization in MMATycoon. We are considered the only place one of the top organizations to purchase totally unbiased booking. We are not affiliated to any alliance, and we don’t book your own fighters in events. Additionally we don’t interfere in fighter development, and thus and we don’t fund private gyms or sponsor particular fighters to offer unfair advantages, so there is no backstage backstabbing or favoritism in GAMMA. Fights are booked purely determined by hype levels and those top of your list get first priority in title fights and headline events.

For those not aware of what GEG is. It’s a union of higher level organizations participating. Originally the audience was merely a super fight collaboration relating to the member organizations, however now it’s expanded beyond that to include joint merges. The gang can also be considering having an joint forum/site, joint tournaments/events among other things.

Although associated with GEG is just not “forced” to be effective exclusively with each other in most departments, they must give priority to GEG members when generating their decisions, including those regarding super fights.

When contemplating an organization into GEG we look at various factors such as, reputation, org history, activity, global ranking and ethics. Any organization can use to turn into a member of GEG, however all existing members will first have to approve that membership prior to being accepted into the bloc.

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